The Silent Invasion

Update: 08-09-2011

As I’ve started this project some time ago, I should mention that it is a serial chapter book (for free) that can be found here: I must mention that you should start with the very first post on that blog and read forward from there to the last post posted there. I’ve had great feed back and demands to finish said story and will be doing so as it is one of the two books that I am working on at this point in time. I look forward to any feedback anyone would like to give. Thank you for your continued support!

Not yet in outline form but very much on my mind. It is a project that will be surfacing later in the future. I will be posting to this page about this particular book project soon enough. The over all gist of the novel is about the human race surviving the onslaught of an alien invasion with the help of another alien race whom have already been nearly wiped out by the common enemy.

It is a project that will explore the differences and similarities of two species trying to work together for personal survival. One species being rough and aggressive, even misunderstood by the other. It’s a project that parrallels our own inter-species differences of culture and race while struggling to understand each other. This book will be along the lines of military tactical and sci fi, I hope to have an outline for my dear readers very soon and thank you for your interests.


One thought on “The Silent Invasion

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