Fallen Trailer: Release for January 2012

A mans fate becomes intertwined with an ancient force from the past. She is hungry for the souls of those around him. When the demon turns on the woman he loves, he must find a way to save her and ultimately, himself.
Music by Kevin Macleod – Dark Walk
ISRC: US-UAN-11-00468 Dark Walk


These Chains

I am currently working on a novel called These Chains (tentative title).


These Chains is the story of a young man recounting his troubled childhood and the abusive nature of a spiteful step father. The story touches on ethnic issues, child abuse and the repercussions that enfold. From his childhood to his young adult addictions as an alcoholic and drug addict to suicide attempts and the recovery afterward the story takes a journey into the seedy underbelly of the ripple effect of child abuse and racism from the first person point of view.

You can read what has been written on my Writing.com profile. So far it seems to be that it is received well enough. You can access the story so far from here : These Chains

Behind The Scenes of The Chamber (C) 2010

If you have read my short story “The Chamber” you’ll have seen that it was inspired by the infamous kill box that is used to put down animals with. You see, the town I live in, Elliot Lake (Ontario) has this kill box at its city pound. It has been a sore spot for years for us animal activists in town and outside of it. It has been the towns dirty, best kept, little secret for years and years. We are the only ones left in the Algoma district with this inhumane way of destroying animals.

I’d like to bring to attention the petition that is going around to stop this inhumane treatment of animals in Elliot Lake and the sweeping away under the rug of this dirty secret. It will also be investigated by our Ministry under the Animals in Research Act as a complaint from a local activist was made to them and if you catch CTV in your area they will be here at the site of the kill box interviewing that local who made the complaint to the ministry. 1 pm on Monday, August 22.

Here is the petition that you can sign no matter WHERE you live. It should not exist anywhere. Elliot Lake Gas Chamber Petition

The Facebook Group: Elliot Lake Gas Chamber

As well as our local no kill shelter that has saved 122 animals from the gas chamber to date: SAD ELLIOT LAKE