Book Trailer : These Chains


Writing With Distractions

It’s one thing to write but another to write with distractions. Having a home full of pitter pattering little feet can be distracting. The chaos that ensues with five children 8 years and younger running around the house, two four legged furry friends and a feathery loud mouth can cause some pretty distracting situations.

Luckily, for me, I have a pretty understanding spouse. My husband takes the kids out to do things while I am writing or distracts them with activities geared to keep them happy and busy. I get most of my writing in during naps and school days along with the evenings when all I have distracting me is the bright glow of the monitor illuminating the darkness of my bedroom slash office.

It’s a hard balancing act to perform when there are children, pets and phone calls but it’s one I’ve learned to precariously balance none the less. It’s a challenge I actually enjoy facing at every chapter corner I turn as I write, nothing would compare to it and I wouldn’t change it for all the riches of the world.