Fallen Trailer: Release for January 2012

A mans fate becomes intertwined with an ancient force from the past. She is hungry for the souls of those around him. When the demon turns on the woman he loves, he must find a way to save her and ultimately, himself.
Music by Kevin Macleod – Dark Walk
ISRC: US-UAN-11-00468 Dark Walk


álainn e-pub

What is álainn? (pronounced aw-lin). It is Irish Gaelic for the word beautiful. As in beautiful e-pub services. I strive for perfection when I create, a perfection that comes nothing short of beautiful and unique. At álainn I also strive for affordable services for everyone. It’s one thing to strive for publication or becoming a published author but it’s another to be all that and busting the bank accounts at the same time.

I’m a mother of a rather large brood of five children. I know what it’s like to have to figure out how to do things like book trailers, manuscript editing, desktop publishing and typography settings. Formating your manuscript can be daunting let alone file extensions like .mobi or .epub or even PDF conversions. I was trained to do these things and now I want to share my skill set with my fellow authors published or not.

You, the aspiring author, should be able to be free to just write and not have to worry about covers and trailers or anything else but writing. Let me help you accomplish what you came here for. To write, to succeed and to show off the unique styles of your writing with beautiful covers, trailers, banners for your websites and much more. Let me help you get to the publishing world with artwork and documentation that puts you ahead of all the rest and gets you noticed faster!

Drop álainn e-pub a line and see where beautiful comes from!


New Cover Art

6 new covers for your enjoyment. I’ve been working both on my Silent Invasion online serial and the covers portfolio.


New Chapter for Serial Novel

As you all know, a new chapter for the serial online novel Silent Invasion has been posted today. You can view that at http://silentinvasion.wordpress.com/

Comments, as usual, are always welcome. Have fun reading, I hope as much as I have fun writing it!


Another Cover, Another Notch

Here’s another cover done. Another notch on my belt of book covers.


It’s a working concept of the prelude to Silent Invasion, which will be another online serial novel in the future.


New Book Cover


Another book cover under my belt and I am working on a new subsidiary of Amped Designs dedicated to authors and cover art services. I’ll let you know when the web site is ready and running. I’m having a wonderful time creating a new cover art portfolio. I think I’ve found a new niche in the graphics designing world. Absolutely loving it, I think I’ll take a business proposal and attempt to get this thing off the ground.

Hopefully I find a way to make it work, I bet I can.


New Online Series

Update Alert!
Silent Invasion is now an online series novel. Chapter by chapter, every Monday, I will be posting the current work of Silent Invasion on its very on wordpress blog. You can read each chapter here as they progress and are posted. You can also find the plot, character builds and soon outline of Silent Invasion on the same blog.

I will be postponing the Cult of 3 Trees blog until further notice and working on the Silent Invasion online chapter series for the time being. Remember, every Monday, a new chapter as is without editing on its first draft. Fresh from the mind right to your eyes.