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If you would like to inquire about my services in bulk as a cover artist or technical writer send an email to thecva at gmail dot com for your free consultation and price quote. I also have other services that I provide such as copy editing, desktop publishing, typography & graphics design as well as web research and technical writing. I also do freelance content articles and web site content.

Book Covers: NANOWRIMO $37.50
$50 CAD per cover with one revision at any time after mock up phase.
Ask me for my full portfolio
Limited portfolio:

NEW SERVICE! Book Trailers : $100 CAD NANOWRIMO $75.00
All trailers come in 360P HD
The duration of trailers is between 1 minute and 1.5 minutes long.
I take no responsibility for copyrights and royalty use photos or music.
Client is to provide the photos and music for the trailer.
Example work:

When submitting for trailers please provide:

A synopsis of the book
A general plot line
Author name

If you are not sure about music and photos I can make suggestions.

Content Articles :
5 articles of 500 words or less for $5 CAD
5 articles of 501 to 1000 words for $10 CAD
5 articles above 1000 words for $45 CAD

Copy Editing :
Articles – $2 CAD per 250 – 500 words
Articles – $1.50 CAD per 1000+ words
Manuscripts – $2 CAD per 250 word page
I don’t do non-fiction manuscripts or screen plays.

I will consider memoirs.

Email me with your submission RE: Publishing Services (service required)

Example subject header:

RE: Publishing Services (cover art, trailer)

thecva at gmail dot com or send me a nanomail

I require a full contract to be signed digitally by my clients.
With larger projects I require a 40% non refundable deposit.
I take money transfers, online banking, interact and AlertPay.

Thank you for your interests in my work


New Cover Art

6 new covers for your enjoyment. I’ve been working both on my Silent Invasion online serial and the covers portfolio.


Another Cover, Another Notch

Here’s another cover done. Another notch on my belt of book covers.


It’s a working concept of the prelude to Silent Invasion, which will be another online serial novel in the future.


New Cover Art

I’ve been thinking of bringing together my short stories, all horror genre, into a compilation book. I’ve also been contemplating taking one of those short stories called The Dream and expanding it into a novella or novel. I’ve got the conceptual outline running around in my head for it.


I’m particularly proud of the fact I now have 12 cover art projects completed and added to the notches of my professional graphics designer trade. I enjoy doing them and I hope that my readers enjoy seeing them. I hope to be able to update you on the conception of these two projects into reality soon enough.


Book Covers

Cover art, book covers, artistic renderings of the main plot of a novel, call it by what ever name you may. It is one of the important parts of a book, the eye candy if you will of a novel or as agents say “the hook”. It conveys many things with just one glance, a fleeting moment of a passing line of sight in a book store. I’ve, as a graphics designer, always encouraged budding designers to open accounts with royalty free online sites for their craft. They come in handy not only for a graphics designer with the royalty free availability but for cover art it can be a gift from the heavens.

I’m a very visual person, I like seeing what is in my mind in art form as much as written form. Being a professional graphics designer by trade has taught me to see details in their finest points and because of this I am a very detail oriented kind of lady. I’d like to share with you a few renderings of my cover art for my own novels (done by Amped Designs a.k.a. myself), they are only mocks at the moment, not yet fully finished in their journey of transition from mock to finished product but here is a taste of what cover art I have.

These renderings were done with royalty free graphics with some alterations and touch ups done by myself along with graphical layouts and building from pieces of graphics into one whole piece of art work. If you’d like to either learn how to do this or need a cover art designer I’d be more than happy to either design for you or send you to my sub contractor Chapter 7 Designs (Brett) for your designing needs.

Keep reading and be happy doing it!