Immortal Chronicles

The Immortal Chronicles


The story of a group of novice vampire hunters that cross paths with a 7000 year old first generation vampire on the Elder’s council. He offers his help with an apocalyptic event to prevent the destruction of both night and day.

The key to the apocalypse is within a mortal psy and unbeknown to the very young and inexperienced group of vampire hunters she is among them. Unbeknown to the mortal psy she is the key to the destruction of Night and Day. The destruction of the world as we know it. A greater daemon wishes to use the key to create her world on earth, to create an abyss of pure chaos and she wants the souls of both the mortals and the immortals to be her never ending supply of fuel for her cruel and destructive plans. The more souls she feeds from the stronger she gets and the closer she gets to her goals.

The key was hidden by a mixed council of mortals and immortals from her many centuries ago. A mysterious vampire going only by the name of Chance was one of those council members 7000 years ago. He must locate and either destroy the key or face eternal damnation by an old foe and nemesis.


One thought on “Immortal Chronicles

  1. wow! Sounds cool. Looking forward to finding out more.

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