Title: Fallen

Date of Release: TBA

Publisher: TBA

Authors: Tabitha Todd

Book Phases Completed: Second draft.

Next Phase: Query Stage


When Kara, a green eyed and red haired college vixen, runs into a handsome but mysterious man little did she know both love and chaos would ensue in the seedy under belly of New Orleans City streets. She finds herself and her group of college friends in a dangerous battle with an ancient Egyptian demon goddess named Sekhmet who has possessed Kara’s new Louisiana born beau, Chance. As the feline demon begins to dwindle their group down one person at a time, feeding on their souls, a battle ensues that could mean life and death for all of them. Love may not be enough to conquer all in this epic battle of demon versus mortal.

Meanwhile, Kara’s new boyfriend, Chance with his soft Southern Creole drawl and dual colored eyes, finds himself embroiled with passion for the young college beauty while the demon traps him deeper into her web of desire to feed. As their love grows for each other, Chance’s secret life becomes a force to reckon with when the demon starts destroying those around him out of a jealous rage. When his darker half rips apart Kara’s friends it forces him to face the truth of his dual life in order to save the ones he loves and cares about. With their help Chance takes his shot in the dark to rid himself of the demon that has been riding on the cowboy’s back even if that means he must sacrifice his own life and the love of his woman.

Excerpt From Chapter called Partnership Dissolved

He knew he was not to feed the demon, the book had warned him so but that dam Chance had let flood over, the demon had over powered him and it had fed to its will and own desires. Now there was little to do other than watch as his body did these things. The demon was incredibly strong after just one feeding, he should not have gotten back on the elevator he thought to himself.

As he gently lowered her to the floor and released his grip on her throat she gasped for air, catching her breath she looked up at him and was just about to say something when he leaned in for a kiss. Now she had liked him since they first met but had always thought there was no way that he would ever have anything to do with her. She was not one of those little size two stick girls that she had seen him with besides they were, after all, business partners but he was about to kiss her. Kinky but none the less he was going to kiss her. She allowed her mouth to open as his lips met hers and as his tongue probed into her mouth she knew something was wrong.

All works on this page are strict copyright of the authors of the book Fallen. No permission will be given to reproduce this intellectual copyright in any given circumstance without prior written permission from both authors. Do not reproduce this work, if found to have a reproduction of this work either electronically or in other means it will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the laws both nationally and internationally. Please respect what belongs to others.


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