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BOOK COVERS : $50 CAD NANOWRIMO DISCOUNT: $37.50 (November only)

This is a full front, spine and back cover piece. It is in the standard soft cover or e-pub size of 6X9.

There are other sizes that álainn e-pub accommodates such as hard backs which are 9X7.

For online use in marketing most authors use just the front cover of  their book, I accommodate this as well.

All my covers, regardless of sizing, are in 300 DPI format.

I will do conversions into PDF format at no extra cost.


  • Please send an email to álainn e-pub services – thecva at gmail dot com
  • Include the subject header as “RE: Publishing Services <cover art>
  • Include what sizing standard you require
  • Include the title of the book
  • Author name
  • Back cover blurb (if applicable)
  • An ISBN (if applicable)
  • Author photo (if applicable)
  • Format of book (ie: e-pub online, e-reader, for print)
  • A synopsis and general plot outline (chapter titles are fine for plot outline)
  • Release date of the book
After I have your information:
I will send you a client contract to look over and sign.
*IF* this is a bulk project I will require a 40% non refundable deposit.
I take online banking wire transfers, banking interact and AlertPay.

álainn e-pub

What is álainn? (pronounced aw-lin). It is Irish Gaelic for the word beautiful. As in beautiful e-pub services. I strive for perfection when I create, a perfection that comes nothing short of beautiful and unique. At álainn I also strive for affordable services for everyone. It’s one thing to strive for publication or becoming a published author but it’s another to be all that and busting the bank accounts at the same time.

I’m a mother of a rather large brood of five children. I know what it’s like to have to figure out how to do things like book trailers, manuscript editing, desktop publishing and typography settings. Formating your manuscript can be daunting let alone file extensions like .mobi or .epub or even PDF conversions. I was trained to do these things and now I want to share my skill set with my fellow authors published or not.

You, the aspiring author, should be able to be free to just write and not have to worry about covers and trailers or anything else but writing. Let me help you accomplish what you came here for. To write, to succeed and to show off the unique styles of your writing with beautiful covers, trailers, banners for your websites and much more. Let me help you get to the publishing world with artwork and documentation that puts you ahead of all the rest and gets you noticed faster!

Drop álainn e-pub a line and see where beautiful comes from!


New Author Services Available!



If you would like to inquire about my services in bulk as a cover artist or technical writer send an email to thecva at gmail dot com for your free consultation and price quote. I also have other services that I provide such as copy editing, desktop publishing, typography & graphics design as well as web research and technical writing. I also do freelance content articles and web site content.

Book Covers: NANOWRIMO $37.50
$50 CAD per cover with one revision at any time after mock up phase.
Ask me for my full portfolio
Limited portfolio: http://s1181.photobucket.com/albums/x438/TheCVA/Book%20Covers/

NEW SERVICE! Book Trailers : $100 CAD NANOWRIMO $75.00
All trailers come in 360P HD
The duration of trailers is between 1 minute and 1.5 minutes long.
I take no responsibility for copyrights and royalty use photos or music.
Client is to provide the photos and music for the trailer.
Example work: http://youtu.be/Q63MCD6cQ40

When submitting for trailers please provide:

A synopsis of the book
A general plot line
Author name

If you are not sure about music and photos I can make suggestions.

Content Articles :
5 articles of 500 words or less for $5 CAD
5 articles of 501 to 1000 words for $10 CAD
5 articles above 1000 words for $45 CAD

Copy Editing :
Articles – $2 CAD per 250 – 500 words
Articles – $1.50 CAD per 1000+ words
Manuscripts – $2 CAD per 250 word page
I don’t do non-fiction manuscripts or screen plays.

I will consider memoirs.

Email me with your submission RE: Publishing Services (service required)

Example subject header:

RE: Publishing Services (cover art, trailer)

thecva at gmail dot com or send me a nanomail

I require a full contract to be signed digitally by my clients.
With larger projects I require a 40% non refundable deposit.
I take money transfers, online banking, interact and AlertPay.

Thank you for your interests in my work

Guess Who I Met

Yesterday at work (my secondary, out of home part time job) I met an interesting man. I was working the long shift which is our 8 hour shift (3pm to 11pm) and this lovely man comes in to make a purchase. Turns out we got to talking and he’s lived here all his life. That’s not the interesting part (besides the fact he knows hubbs’ family and family name as well as an uncle who was very much loved by everyone in town who had passed away in 2003). He is the man who did the cover art for both Minnow Trap and Frozen Beneath!!!

Those are two of the books from an in town author who used Elliot Lake as the main location for both books that went very huge (Frozen Beneath just recently released) here with the towns people and nationally in some parts of Canada.

I found it fascinating that we should meet up in such a manner. I hope to meet up with him again, he said he did frequent the store often enough. Bright man, very inquisitive and awesome conversationalist. I look forward to many conversations with him, albeit as brief as they are when I’m at work.

Minnow Trap:
Frozen Beneath:

I hope my aspirations are as well met and successful as Mr. Brian Horeck’s are. I applaud him with his successes and admire him greatly for the great literary works he has accomplished. It’s amazing that even a small town man can successfully be published and gives me renewed hope that I too can become published as well.


Official Welcome

Welcome to the Tabitha Todd blog. I am pleased to have you here, reading this right at this very moment. It has been an ongoing dream of mine to write full time as a living. For me, it started back in high school in English class. The inspiration that fuels my writings are mostly dark and twisted tales from classic horror writers such as Anne Rice and Stephen King. I’ve always been a huge fan of vampire lore and paranormal stories, so much so that I took up paranormal research and investigation at one point in the path that is my life.

I am a Queen of all trades, master of many and not so mastered at others. My first passion is my family and my second passion is my writing. If you would ask me what the third might be, I’d have to say it would be graphics designing being that I am the owner of Amped Designs for the last 4 plus years.

My education background, as ironic as this may be, is not in Literature like some may think but rather hyper multimedia design and information technology. From the school of hard knocks my bachelors comes from mother, wife and woman.

Not a lot of people know this but Tabitha Todd is not my real name but rather a pen name that derived from the first drafting of the book Fallen. It is a co-authored book much like the Immortal Chronicles are. Todd is the first name of one of the co-authors while my middle name is the counter part of the pen name.

I am honored you would join me in my long journey to published novels, I hope you have as much pleasure in reading our books as we did writing them. You can find sneak peeks and updates on all the books here as we progress down the path of written word. To you I say, welcome and enjoy your stay!

Keep reading and be happy doing it!