How Tabitha Todd got started is very unique. It is a pen name built around the Fallen novel that was co-authored by two authors. Todd is one of these authors and I am the second author. My middle name is Tabitha and seeing as how we are both countries apart yet so close in mind set and ways we decided to release Fallen, as well as any subsequent co-authored books under a pen name that was as unique as our writing process and we are. Hence Tabitha Todd was born out of the fires of our first project together, Fallen.

Our next project is a 5 book series called The Immortal Chronicles. It is a vampire chronicles series that takes the twists and turns of opposites attract while adding a flare of supernatural to it. It is a series that combines paranormal, vampire lore and military tactical together with love stories, erotica and a touch of spicy humor.

Our cover designer is Amped Designs. It is owned by myself, the female counter part of Tabitha Todd novels. If you are an aspiring author or an artist in any genre of writing Amped Designs would be pleased to help you with your book cover. You can email Amped Designs for a promo discount (ends the end of February) by putting in your subject header “Fallen Promo”. Please visit Amped Designs at their blog and support a good graphics designing company.


One thought on “About

  1. Audrey says:

    Hi Sheal, you have a great site here; very professional and a pleasure to browse.

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