Of The Heart

You may have recently seen that I have two links on my side bar. One is from a community called WomenHeart and the other is a lovely blog from Carolyn, a heart attack survivor, called My Heart Sisters. I’ve recently been enduring issues that are very disturbingly scary. Worse than the horror fiction I write.

We like to scare ourselves with horror movies, horror stories and Halloween. The real horror is that woman are *NOT* aware of the risks to their heart health. Women are not aware that our symptoms of heart attack can be very different from those depicted in our favorite horror stories, movies and in general different from the male heart attack symptoms.

This post goes out to all the women who have survived, died and are dying out there of cardiac disease. This blog post goes out to my fellow women who need to be aware of what the risks are for us when it comes to heart attacks, heart disease and the symptoms. That indigestion that doesn’t go away even with medication – don’t ignore it. That sweaty dread filled 1 AM wake up three mornings in a row when you know you aren’t going through menopause, don’t ignore it. Don’t ignore the shortness of breath, the pressure in your chest, face or neck, don’t ignore that sudden sharp pain in between the shoulder blades or racing down the inside of either arm or the numb finger tips. Don’t ignore what your body is trying to tell you. Don’t ignore it for 9 months like I did. JUST DON’T DO IT.

Women my age are 7 times more likely to be misdiagnosed during a major cardiac event, or even… DISMISSED. Women in general are more than likely to be ignored, dismissed or misdiagnosed for a major cardiac event, even during one. Women are more likely not to show positives in testing like blood pressure, EKG or any sign of a cardiac disease despite very fatally potentially having one.

Don’t give up either, get that second opinion. Take an advocate with you if you need to, take documentation from the mayo clinic or the Heart Foundation or any information you can to discuss with your doctor or E.R. attendant. The one thing you should never do is *DON’T IGNORE IT – DON’T GIVE UP*.

Hit up My Heart Sisters, Carolyn is an extremely intelligent and prolific blogger who knows her heart savvy. Hit up WomenHeart, they are there to support you. Get Heart Savvy today, know your risks, know what you can do to reduce those risks and know what you should do if those risks are a reality.

Don’t forget – Draw a heart on your sleeve to support Women’s Heart Knowledge too and tell a friend or two!


5 thoughts on “Of The Heart

  1. Carolyn Thomas says:

    Hello again and thanks so much for this link to my blog, Heart Sisters. And thank you especially for the unexpected and lovely gift you created for me – that Heart Sisters widget image so that other sites can now link to mine, in style! I think I’ve successfully managed to figure out the code on my sidebar – check it out at http://www.myheartsisters.org

    Your advice to women to stop ignoring/denying their cardiac symptoms could not be more timely. Keep up the great work!

  2. Carolyn Thomas says:

    Ooops I spelled my own blog URL wrong – that should be http://www.myheartsisters.org! Please correct that for me! 😉

    • tabithatodd says:

      Fixed the link for you and I am more than happy to help where I can. I prefer this blog to be the link on your thank you note with the widget. The other blog is a closed business. Thank you again for all your support and kind words. You give me hope Carolyn.

  3. I love your blog, it’s nice when you can tell somebody actuallly puts effort into a topic, and gives the posts. If you set up updates value.

  4. Hank Maltais says:

    Heart attack is one of the leading cause of death in US. we should always find ways to manage this disease.^

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