Writing What You Know

Among the writer circles you will here the saying “write what you know”. What does that entail? Well, what do you know? When you write what you know the words flow better than trying to figure out what you don’t know. For some people this means non – fictional books for self help or technical trades. For others, like myself, genres like horror and psychology come easy because of life experiences and massive amounts of research.

It’s like telling a doctor to perform mechanical work on a truck if he has no experience when you write what you don’t know. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t seek out that knowledge either. If a psychology class is going to help you with your current project take that psychology class. Invest in your knowledge and writing career. Make no mistake, investing in your writing is the best investment you could make at any point in your career as a writer.

Taking those plot and character development courses or that creative writing course only adds to your skills and abilities. It also adds a tremendous leg up on writing what you know. Build those skills and keep plugging forward. It a fork in the road? Take another course to add to your knowledge base, even if that course is a publishing course. Investing in building up our knowledge base and what we know is never a bad idea, ever.

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