New Book

I’m about to start a short story anthology that will contain all of the short stories I’ve written over the years. From stories that I wrote in high school for provincial exams to current ones in the last few years. I’m in the process of adding a few more current short stories and editing the whole compilation at the moment but I’m hoping to e-publish this particular book. More than likely you’ll see it e-published from as both a pdf download, physical soft cover that you can order and it is my hope that those of you with e – readers will be able to download it as well.

It will contain everything from horror stories, psych thrillers and drama stories. I look forward to creating this compilation and hearing about feedback. I’ll post the link as soon as it is up for grabs. I’m still debating on making it a freebie or for a small nominal fee at this point again I will update here as the project flows along.

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