The Houses of The Immortal Chronicles

the warrior daemons who were contracted out for clean up jobs and militia.
the scribes of the dark community, like the mortal monks who had transcribed many scrolls, the Laganus were much the same.
the daemons that controlled the brute forces of Lycans, the werewolf tamers. They used the Lycans to do heavy and dirty jobs that no Immortal wished to lay pale hands upon. The Lycans had been enslaved to the Lyca house for many centuries and thus at the disposal of the Dark King when ever he so desired them to be.
boasting a broad and strong household of witches and mages. They hailed of the dark arts, teaching the rest of the dark community of the blood rituals and blood magics that each Dark King had taught them before hand. They were not only magicians but teachers as well.
the dark communities assassin household who protected all the other houses of the Immortals from enemies and other creatures.
The aristocratic household of the dark communities, the politicians of the daemon vampire world. They were responsible for the alliances and regulations of the dark communities as well as upholding the dark laws which were called the Dark Veil Policies.

Does kind of sound like a twist on Blade and Vampire: The Masquerade doesn’t it. It was an inspiration of sorts but not the source of it. It does remind me of the Underworld series as well. Especially the Lyca. The Dark Veil comes from my stint as a lifestyler in the worlds of the “real vampire” trenches in college.

It was an interesting experience to say the least. It wasn’t quite gothic and was at the same time. Yes, this author has partook of the blood letting experience (don’t worry, very safe ways of doing so). The intricate society of real vampires is detailed and long so I won’t bore you with the concept of it except to provide you with a long standing member group (that I’ve been a part of in the past) that you can find information on this topic matter within. That group (and no it is not a cult or church at all) is the Vampire Church run by Damien and a group of wonderful people from all walks of life. It was a defining moment in my life that shaped and charged my personality and writing style to say the least.

Without further words, the link :

There the Dark Veil can be found but the gist of this set of rules is harm no one just as it would be for a pagan or wiccan or for better words any person of any religion or culture. Harm no one. Do as ye will and harm no one.

Vampires and it’s lore have been a strong influence over my life since I could remember. As a writer and an individual person. It has enslaved me with its passions, upsets, and dark fantasy from the very first time I read Salem’s Lot to the Vampire Chronicles of Anne Rice popularity. I’ve day dreamed on what it would be like to wander this world undead and unchanging. I would think that it would be very lonely and very emotionally distraught to watch the world around us change and yet remain unchanged ourselves. I would also liken this to going slowly insane as time passed along. Perhaps my Immortal Chronicles worlds and characters (such as the minions that infest minds both mortal and immortal) portray this same thought process however it may present, present it shall.

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