Immortal Chronicles – The Time Stealer

I’ve come to realize that my Immortal Chronicles (that I’ve begun to work with again) is going to be a lot more of a bite than I anticipated on taking. It’s a little overwhelming but I think my biggest problem here is my over indulgence of descriptive writing. I have a common with my favorite author Stephen King.

I tend to take 3 or 4 pages to describe and set up a scene when really all it needs is basic description set up. I am a slave of emotional spice in a scene whether it be for a nuance between characters of a major plot set up. I take too long and I’m starting to see that now. It also hurts very much as I hit the delete key to reduce my descriptive indulgences with my work.

I feel like I’m killing my scenes and characters, I need the inner monologue of their thoughts and feelings but do my readers need it? It’s a painful process of the eureka kind, one that has both slowed me down in writing and caused a speeding up as well. Leaving me in the lurch and stuck in limbo. A limbo where I must determine what is and is not necessary and may never know what I’ve taken out that might have been better left in there.

My inner editor is screaming at me as the keys on my keyboard zip by under my fingers. The whir and tak tak tak of the keyboard in the deafening silence of my office screams louder than a jet engine while it pours mother natures furry just outside my window. What is a writer to do I wonder as I procrastinate, bucking against the deadening of my work by my bitchy inner editor as she screams for justice and to be vindicated with release into my writer’s worlds to wreak her own hellish havoc on my words blinking by on the screen in front of me.

Do I release her prematurely or do I fight against her and lock in the cell at the back of my mind to wait it out until later in the game of writing – editing – writing – editing…and so on I go, marching word by word forward into the unknown and overly descriptive bowels of my writer mind…avoiding the scary door that says :

Inner Editor – Enter At Own Risk
(May be risk of finger loss due to biting editor\writer type persons).

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