Immortal Chronicles – Night & Day

My time line isn’t exactly a dead on, you have to do it this way time line but the closest to the time line within my mind of what should, could and would happen in the Immortal Chronicles world I’ve created. Here’s a little taste of the story in time line fashion.

Immortal Chronicles
Rough Time Line

Chapter 1

Introduction of Immortal Elder and Ignacio
Explanation of Immortal ways and mortal servant relationship
Hint of Elder Council meeting

Chapter 2

Introduction of Kara, Dar & Katyana (Evil One)
Insight into vampire hunting
Immortal meets Immaculate Alumni members (Dar & Kara) for first time
Introduction to antagonist Katyana
Insight into Katyana’s thoughts and personality
Another hint at Elder Council and Immaculate Alumni

Chapter 3

Introduction of Angie, Cassie and Sharron
History of three women, brief
Setting the stage for emotional connection of characters

Chapter 4

Complete introduction of Immaculate Alumni
Introduction of Gillian

Chapter 5

Reintroduction of Immortal (Chance)
Paths of Sharron and Chance cross
Sharron’s death
Cassie & Angie informed of death
Angie’s knowledge of vampires introduced
History of Angie’s experience with vampires

Chapter 6

Elder Council meeting with Immaculate Alumni
Introduction of daemon abilities (empathic, telepathic)
Set up for Immortal to stay at IA
Alt motives introduced on both sides of table
Tension and conflict set up
Introduction of Ariania, Damien

Chapter 7

Introduction to personality clashes of characters
Showing good team work
Immortal’s estate vandalized
Ignacio moved to another location
Gathering of intelligence by unknown assailants, ties in with Angie&Cassie later
Revealing the Blood Kiss
Ignacio reveals immense loyalty to Immortal
Inner sanctum of Immortal seen by mortals
Plans made for Immortal’s needs
Gillian and Chance personalities clash again

Chapter 8

Intelligence given to Angie
Josh character introduced
Assailants now known by reader
Angie’s vow of revenge
Cassie’s emotional state
Ariania & Damien – plot thickens
Ariania’s introduction of incestuous nature between siblings
Structure and explanation of Immortal history – brief

Chapter 9

Ariania arrives at IA
Brief, slight set back to goal
Erotica piece – the hummer
Introduction of IA security measures & some policies
Gillian’s outburst and intro of Mother Langly
Erotica piece – sex between siblings
Erotica piece – Gillian’s physical connection with Immortal
Process of Immortal coma during day shown
Ariania’s jealousy introduced into mix

Chapter 10

Ignacio arrives at loft
Ignacio recalls intrusion of estates
Ignacio’s thoughts on becoming Immortal
Cassie’s discovery and revelation of her dream antagonist (Chance)
Cassie confronts Angie and her meanderings behind her back and reveals psychic abilities

Chapter 11

Set up for Angie & Cassie to become part of teams for battle with Evil One
Josh meets with Gillian, Dar & Kara
Set up of betrayal of the Immortal Chance
Ariania demands exclusivity from her brother, shows jealousy
Chance is discovered hacking CCTV
Kara reveals own, unknown psychic abilities

Chapter 12

Meeting the newly formed teams
Katyana’s minions revealed (Damien goes crazy)
Katyana traps Chance with a minion as the Immortal tries to save his father (not revealed to characters)
Plot to take over major world influences revealed partially – Katyana’s plans
Mother Langly is revealed as a minion host to readers – not characters
Gillian starts to clue in about Mother Langly
Katyana takes a mortal victim as host
Josh is injured in fight with Damien

Chapter 13

The key is revealed in the saving of the Immortal from the minion
Ariania describes the key and what it is and why it is
Damien parishes from his battle injuries, successor is not Chance

Chapter 14

Letter from Damien to Chance & Ariania discovered and giving reasons to a different successor
Daemon vampire world turned upside down, causing chaos – Katyana’s doing?
IA takes an attack from Katyana \ Host
Chapter 15

Cassie trains with Kara and Dar
Dar reveals his love for Ariania causing Chance to belittle Dar and attack him psychically
Gillian realizes that the key is indeed under their nose in Cassie
Mother Langly is revealed to characters as minion host (goes crazy)
Chance reveals interests in Kara making Ariania angry and jealous more so
Ariania tries to send Kara to her death and on wild goose chase

Chapter 16

Katyana returns for key and second battle ensues
Chance is forced to feed and kill Ariania by Katyana
Dar’s heart broken at loss of Ariania
Katyana tries to invade the key’s mind (Cassie)
Angie almost sacrifices herself for Cassie
Another Immortal saves Angie (Second introduction of Blood Kiss, more elaborate)

Chapter 17

Katyana flees battle prematurely by leaving host to die in battle
Host reveals Katyana’s plans completely
Teams gather to regroup and take on Katyana
Battle ensues with Mother Langly
Gillian succeeds Mother Langly in ownership of IA

Chapter 18

Erotica – Immortal with mortal (Chance & Kara)
Gillian’s rage reveals plot against Immortal (betrayal) accidentally
Josh, now recovered takes more damage from Chance when confronted from Gillian’s revelations
Angie steps in, both siblings fight Immortal
Strife and conflict between teams
Katyana attempts to strike during this strife and conflict
Gillian relinquishes command to Dar temporarily

Chapter 19

Dar takes over mortal team members and gives leadership of Immortal team members to Chance
Dar and Chance argue over Kara
Chance finds out about key being Cassie from Gillian (key destroyed means Katyana’s plans destroyed)
Chance is conflicted in needing to destroy Cassie

Chapter 20

Angie and Josh plot against Immortal
Angie and Josh meet with daemon expert
Kara finds out about plot against Chance, goes to Dar
Dar is unconcerned
Katyana is revealed as daemon expert to readers
Ignacio is confronted by “daemon expert” to stir the pot more with teams strife\conflict
Ignacio reveals message from “daemon expert” to his master

Chapter 21

Eclipse due in two weeks, Gillian feeding information to teams as consultant
Eclipse is Katyana’s time to fully exist in physical realm of mortals
Cassie is kidnapped
Chance confronts Angie and Josh verbally, revealing his knowledge of their plot against him
Chance decides to sacrifice himself to save Cassie, Kara begs him not to

Chapter 22

Chance confronts Katyana alone (so he thinks) sending Ignacio to give the message to all of them.
Kara reveals that she begged help from Elder Council
Immortal council and new Dark King come to aid with Immortal team members and mortal team members – many losses on both parties
Cassie kills herself to save the world winning the battle against Katyana
Angie looses control emotionally
Chance takes pity and saves her by turning her into an Immortal

Cliff Hanger for new book

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