New Online Series

Update Alert!
Silent Invasion is now an online series novel. Chapter by chapter, every Monday, I will be posting the current work of Silent Invasion on its very on wordpress blog. You can read each chapter here as they progress and are posted. You can also find the plot, character builds and soon outline of Silent Invasion on the same blog.

I will be postponing the Cult of 3 Trees blog until further notice and working on the Silent Invasion online chapter series for the time being. Remember, every Monday, a new chapter as is without editing on its first draft. Fresh from the mind right to your eyes.


2 thoughts on “New Online Series

  1. Hi Tabitha, I ran across you on AW, and hopped right over to your blog. Too much to read right this second, but I added you to my follow list, so I’l eventually work through it đŸ˜‰

  2. hamedstales says:

    hello, the title looks like science fiction, isn’t it?
    I’m a writer too, and would like it if you can check my blog and give me feedback

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