Guess Who I Met

Yesterday at work (my secondary, out of home part time job) I met an interesting man. I was working the long shift which is our 8 hour shift (3pm to 11pm) and this lovely man comes in to make a purchase. Turns out we got to talking and he’s lived here all his life. That’s not the interesting part (besides the fact he knows hubbs’ family and family name as well as an uncle who was very much loved by everyone in town who had passed away in 2003). He is the man who did the cover art for both Minnow Trap and Frozen Beneath!!!

Those are two of the books from an in town author who used Elliot Lake as the main location for both books that went very huge (Frozen Beneath just recently released) here with the towns people and nationally in some parts of Canada.

I found it fascinating that we should meet up in such a manner. I hope to meet up with him again, he said he did frequent the store often enough. Bright man, very inquisitive and awesome conversationalist. I look forward to many conversations with him, albeit as brief as they are when I’m at work.

Minnow Trap:
Frozen Beneath:

I hope my aspirations are as well met and successful as Mr. Brian Horeck’s are. I applaud him with his successes and admire him greatly for the great literary works he has accomplished. It’s amazing that even a small town man can successfully be published and gives me renewed hope that I too can become published as well.


One thought on “Guess Who I Met

  1. Jake says:

    Unfortunately, the book Frozen Beneath by Brian Horeck is NOWHERE to be found for purchasing. Even his site doesn’t have any links either to buy it direct, buy from someone else, or even to leave him a comment.

    I doubt this book actually exists! It has more signs on northern highways advertising it than it does books in actual print!

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