As I Sit Here

As I sit here pondering my writing I am still met with a lull in my ability to even churn out a single word let alone a sentence. I figure my mind is just forcing a much needed break on its feverish self. Ideas dance around my head like my own hellish version of dreams of sugar plums and fairies (or is that faeries, perhaps fayries? So many new spellings of that word).

I can write without cause and aim for the blog but it seems when that file opens in LSB for Silent Invasion or The Immortal Chronicles series my mind does a double back flip and says no go. Or rather, a much resounding FU Miss TT, I’m not going there today, tomorrow and didn’t yesterday or the day before Kaithxby..Have a nice, frustrating day!

Is it writer’s block or a fevered mind unable to settle long enough to write. Perhaps it is both, or neither. Maybe, just maybe I think to myself, I am not cut out to be a writer. The infliction of self doubt and kick to the self esteem is a hard hit. It makes me doubt my full manuscript I already have and I see nothing but flaws and aggravation. I’m sure most writers go through this periodically just as I am now but I can’t help but wonder am I alone, am I truly the only one?

I guess all I really need is a break of sorts, it seems fitting perhaps that I take a hiatus and focus on the inner me for a little while instead of trying to force myself to do what is just not in the cards to do at this point in time. I know I’ll never give up my dreams of being published, nor should any aspiring writer at any level do so.


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