Tools Of The Trade

I use a plethora of virtual tools to write, as an author I personally enjoy having a little freedom to pick and chose what programs suit my writing and my personality. My two favorite are LSB XE and Open Office 3. LSB or Liquid Story Binder is a multi tasking program that  allows a writer to not only associate music and pictures to chapters and whole novels but allows for outlines, character building, plot writing and many other little neat tools. I love LSB for the organization it brings to my writing and the fact I can view the whole novel in one piece or just chapters at a time. It also times how long the writing sessions are and automatically word counts as you go along. Very small and neatly packed program that can be made portable on a flash drive with novel in hand to write where ever and when ever you desire (with a laptop).

Open Office 3 is like Microsoft Office, all the bells and whistles but free, it’s what is called an open source program which is free to the general public as long as it is not resold for profit. Programmers in the community come together to provide top notch programs for shareware without the shareware nuisances of licensing worries (again as long as you do not resell for a profit). It’s freely distributed and updated frequently like a pay for program.

I also like my Primo PDF. Any word processor and you can convert to a PDF file for easy reading for your beta readers. It sets itself up like a printer except it’s not a printer, only a PDF conversion program. Quick, small and reliable for print, screen and other media types. Also free to the general public and a fully functioning program.

Liquid Story Binder


Primo PDF

Keep reading and be happy doing it!


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