Two Rejections

I’ve finally started querying for Fallen. We have received two very professional rejections that didn’t feel like rejections at all. I thought the sting of a rejection would be much more than what they truly were. Seems the saying “anticipation of the action is more painful than the action itself” is very true indeed.

I had heard from many how horrible it can feel but it seems I am not that bothered by it because of the encouragement that both agents portrayed in their rejection letters. Particularly C.G. and her assistant, it was extremely reassuring to see that it was not my query letter that sucked but rather they are looking for a different genre but were intrigued by the concept of the book. Seems my query letter is perfectly fine, more so than my own worse critic thought it was (as in myself).

I am waiting for another agent’s reply at this time, a small Canadian based publisher that resides in North Bay, ON. I hope to have a reply soon.

On a personal note: We’ve moved from the city to the country to escape the rat race life of the city and to better ourselves as a unit. Financially, emotionally and every other “ally” possible. It has been a rough journey but we are finally able to settle into a good routine and are enjoying our new diggs as the saying goes. I’ve found a wirters’ group with a very lovely lady (you’ll see her comment on the first post) I’ve been speaking to that also attends. I’ve also found a writers’ guild that I will be joining.

Book wise: Immortal Chronicles: Night & Day has come to a writers’ block stand still at this time however I did start the Silent Invasion novel and the flow of writing seems to be abundant. I may just need a break from the other genre and writing style the IC series is taking so I’m going to leave that particular writing alone for now and focus on what is flowing at the time.

More updates to come along with what the Fallen query letter looks like, any critiquing is appreciated and welcome from readers or fellow authors, agents, publishers – even joe schmoe can critic if they feel like it. That will be left for another post and another day.

Keep reading and be happy doing it!69e12ab2a0016464760ce1698d149ee5

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