Official Welcome

Welcome to the Tabitha Todd blog. I am pleased to have you here, reading this right at this very moment. It has been an ongoing dream of mine to write full time as a living. For me, it started back in high school in English class. The inspiration that fuels my writings are mostly dark and twisted tales from classic horror writers such as Anne Rice and Stephen King. I’ve always been a huge fan of vampire lore and paranormal stories, so much so that I took up paranormal research and investigation at one point in the path that is my life.

I am a Queen of all trades, master of many and not so mastered at others. My first passion is my family and my second passion is my writing. If you would ask me what the third might be, I’d have to say it would be graphics designing being that I am the owner of Amped Designs for the last 4 plus years.

My education background, as ironic as this may be, is not in Literature like some may think but rather hyper multimedia design and information technology. From the school of hard knocks my bachelors comes from mother, wife and woman.

Not a lot of people know this but Tabitha Todd is not my real name but rather a pen name that derived from the first drafting of the book Fallen. It is a co-authored book much like the Immortal Chronicles are. Todd is the first name of one of the co-authors while my middle name is the counter part of the pen name.

I am honored you would join me in my long journey to published novels, I hope you have as much pleasure in reading our books as we did writing them. You can find sneak peeks and updates on all the books here as we progress down the path of written word. To you I say, welcome and enjoy your stay!

Keep reading and be happy doing it!


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